Monday, 30 January 2012

Light winds at Kilspindie

With only light and variable winds for Saturday but WindMap promising an 8mph easterly for Sunday this looked the better day for some sloping. I was up the hill at Kilspindie by 10:30 with my Race M and Longshot and found that the wind was indeed smack on the east slope but just a tad light at around 5mph on my trusty Dwyer wind gauge.
I flew my Longshot and there was enough slope lift to keep it up and I was able to get it to climb to about 30 feet above the slope and throw in a few aerobatics. This is the first time I’ve flown the Longshot from the slope and it is definitely a one speed model because the trim definitely changes as the speed does. Still nice to fly but needs more work on the elevator stick to keep it heading in the chosen direction! I even managed to take some pictures with my phone while I was flying it. A bigger challenge than normal because I had forgotten my neckstap. In the picture of the Longshot the model was much closer than it looks because I was sure it was going to hit me!

The wind picked up to a brisk! 8-10mph and I quickly heaved off the Race M which was soon going well in the light air. A few sorties well out from the slope reassured me that I had fixed the range problem from last week. Removing and cleaning the transmitter aerial did the trick. After about 30 mins the wind gave up and dropped to about 4mph and discretion (fear of landing out) led me to land. Took two attempt to get it down because with no wind the Race M came in faster than I like so I had to go around in the weak air and struggled to get it high enough to land! Concentrated the mind for a minute or two!

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