Saturday, 21 January 2012

Glitchy, Windy Kilspindie

If today’s F3F competition hadn’t been cancelled because of the hill race I suspect we would have struggled in winds above the legal 55mph. I went up to Kilspindie and it was blowing a hoolie when I arrived; probably gusting to 50mph at times. It would have been much more like 70mph on Bishop!

Peter Gunning was there when I arrived and was giving his P3 an airing and it was going really well. You could probably get an F3F course up there but it would be tricky to fly in the strong westerly wind we had today.

I flew my Race M again but immediately had problems with the failsafe kicking in as well as “holds”. Futaba PCM holds the last command for one second before failsafe activates, which on my gliders, pops the crow brakes out. I landed and had a fiddle with the receiver aerial in case it was too tightly taped to the carbon fuselage. It seemed ok at first next flight but after a while it just wasn’t right so I landed and headed home.

When I checked it out at home it turned out that the last section of the transmitter aerial was stuck in the case. Missing 20% of the tx aerial length is likely to be the cause of the problems I was having. I took the aerial out completely and gave it a good clean (it was flithy) and adjustment and it seems fine now but a test flight is needed to convince me it is ok.

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