Monday, 15 August 2011

Sunday 14 August 2011. Good flying at last.

After what seems like months (because it is) the weather was fine(ish), the wind was blowing straight on the slope, the Dagenham Dustbin was going and I didn’t need to be elsewhere so I was able to head for East Lomond with my Vikos and some flying.
I was so early I headed up the hill on my own but was soon joined by Dave Watson and Ian Simpson. It was ages since I had seen Dave and I can’t remember the last time I saw Ian!

My first flights of the day ware before Dave and Ian arrived which was just as well because I felt really rusty and it took a good 15 minutes before I got my confidence back and was able to relax a little! The wind was blowing about 15 mph and when the odd thermal passed through my Vikos kicked up its heels and was going well.
Keen as ever Ian had carried his Furio up the hill assembled and was able to launch as soon as he arrived. Ian soon found some thermal lift had his model at great height before sending it hurtling along the front of the slope! Yippee!
Dave’s first job when he arrived was to peg down his Sport-brella which I think is just the cat’s pyjamas! My birthday is in November so a few hints will be dropped!
Dave brought his repaired Vikos along and soon had it zipping along the slope very quickly. Dave’s Vikos always looks so much faster than mine.

An approaching rain shower saw us hiding behind Dave’s Sport-brella which proved an ideal place to hide from the rain. I got a chance to try out the new Fram-Bags on my Vikos and they worked very well and kept the model dry.

Dave had also brought along a really smart Shiva 60” racer which he had dug out of the back of his shed and flew it once the rain cleared and it looked good in the air although a wee bit twitchy. I recently revived my Phase 6 and was a bit disappointed with the way it went compared to any of my moulded models and I’m sure Dave felt the same about his Shiva. Nice, but hard to match the performance of a moulded model.

At times today the lift was pretty good and when the wind picked up later in the day the models were going well although not much height to be gained unless you could find a thermal. There is an F3F competition scheduled for Saturday so fingers crossed we get condition like today or better.
I forgot my camera today so only phone pictures.

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