Monday, 22 August 2011

Pole Hill Sunday 21 August

It was still good weather on Sunday although the wind was forecast more WSW so with my wife on a shopping trip to Glasgow I headed up to Pole Hill with my Race M. The wind was pretty much straight on the slope and blowing a good 20-25 MPH rising to 30 by lunchtime and my Race M was loving it. So was I. It is ages since I flew my Race M and I’m thinking it may well be a better back-up model than my Skorpion.

The good thing about Pole Hill is that as the wind rises the lift just gets better. Not something that normally happens on East Lomond. My plan to be home and working for 1 o’clock didn’t happen because I was having too much fun!! My Weasel got an airing too but the big air encouraged me to fly my Race M.

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