Saturday, 16 July 2011

Friday 15 and Saturday 16 July

Friday afternoon I left work sharp and headed up to Kilspindie with my Weasel Evo. Had a struggle getting there because the A90 was shut due to a serious accident but I detoured round it on the back roads. Me and 1000 other motorists! Narrow lanes are not the best place to meet articulated lorries or people who think their 4x4 is 3 feet wider than it actually is. Doh!!

Had to walk to the south cliff to get a slope with any lift and by the time I got there it had clouded over and was getting gloomier by the minute. I could see rain in the distance but convinced myself it would miss me.

After 20 minutes flying it dawned on me the rain was heading straight towards me. Time for another 10 minutes flying before I give up.

I gave in eventually and headed back to the car just as the rain started and it quickly became a downpour. I got well and truly soaked by the time I reached the car. Slow drive home (A90 still shut) in wet clothes wasn’t fun but hey, I had a flee!

No chance of an F3F competition today because of the weather so glad I went out yesterday even if I had to get changed when I got in.

Update on last post.

Wife on the mend.
Car fixed after new turbocharger fitted and my bank account became £919 lighter! FFS!

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