Sunday, 19 June 2011

Pole Hill 19 June 2011

Headed up to Pole Hill early today and met-up with Ian Stewart and his Ceres. I had brought my 2.4 GHz equipped Phase 6 to try out the new radio and to remind myself of how the model flew.

It turned out that the Phase 6 didn’t fly as well as I remembered. I think I have become so used to the high performance of the hollow moulded F3F types and balsa/ply/foam struggle to compete. The light wind conditions didn’t help much and I had to do the walk of shame to retrieve my model from the bottom of the hill.

The walk back up was instructive however. I left the transmitter on the ground at the top of the slope and several times when I was carrying the Phase 6 back up the slope the fail-safe kicked in indicating that the signal had been lost. This occurred when I was close in to the slope and well hidden from the tx. Interesting…. Range in the air was fine with no problems and control when landing out was fine too.

Ian’s Ceres was going well and he found numerous thermals and climbed well up before a long dive and a screaming high speed. Yippee!

Ian also tried some extra special ballast under the tailplane of his Ceres. I have to confess that I thought it looked pretty crap!

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