Sunday, 5 June 2011

Kilspindie 4 June F3F

Turned up at Kilspindie early thinking I might be first there but Ali beat me to it. It was dull and the few spots of rain quickly developed into a steady drizzle and an F3F competition was starting to look distinctly unlikely. A few more enthusiasts turned up and we hid in the cars but the rain did eventually stop and we headed up the hill to find a steady 20-25mph wind straight on the slope.

Ali flew his Strega and his times steadily improved as the rounds progressed. Ewan was flying his Sting and it was looking very promising. Ewan was obviously trying because he cut twice. I was buzzing on B when he did it the first time; sorry Ewan but you were well short of the pylon. The second time Ewan managed a fairly poor cut recovery by heading straight out from the hill before eventually turning left and passing the pylon at last!

Ian flew his Ceres and Strega and both were going well in the steadily improving condition. Dave flew his repaired Vikos and was consistently getting good times. Like most competitors ballast adjustments were frequent! Ron was flying his Hybrid old/new Viking convincingly and must have won. Not seen the results yet. Martin was also flying a Viking (ex Dave Watson) and as he got used to it his times improved throughout the day.

Robert was flying well and also improved his times but unfortunately a landing incident stripped a flap servo gear and he had to switch to his second model.

I flew my Skorpion for a change and was quite happy with the way it was going until I flew my repaired Vikos after the racing was finished and it seemed to be much quicker. Typical!

A great day out and I’m hoping for another good day next Saturday. A few of the regulars were missing today so maybe we will have a big turnout next week.

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