Wednesday, 29 June 2011

EBay bargain?

Sitting at my desk at work on Monday I was browsing around the web looking at genuine Futaba 2.4 GHz Fasst receivers and worked out that the R6008HS was the one I needed for my good racers. The Orange/Frsky ones seem fine but I would prefer the genuine article rather than a “pattern part”. However the Futaba website confirmed that this rx has been discontinued and replaced with a R6108SB. The “SB” part indicates “serial bus” which could be a great way of eliminating wiring looms but it can be used as normal too.

A browse round the web shows it available for about £100 including postage. Pretty much the same as I used to pay for genuine 35 MHz PCM ones. The retailers on EBay were quoting the same kind of price. Except..........
I spotted one listed in the wrong category on EBay (“radio-controlled other” and not “radio-controlled accessories”). A Buy It Now price of £60 but open to offers. I offered £50 and then checked the price from Ripmax who quote £132.99. Ouch! I went back to pay the Buy It Now price only to discover my £50 offer had been accepted!

It arrived today and as advertised it looks brand new and unused.

A check of the connectors with a powerful hand lens shows pristine pins with no sign of having seen a servo/battery plug! Of course I’ll check it out in a foamie before I use it in anything less bouncy!

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