Monday, 1 September 2014

Scottish Slope National Championship

Saturday was foamie day and we headed for Bishop to find a healthy 30+mph wind blowing almost straight on the slope.

It was great to have a foamie race with a reasonable number of people in excellent conditions. There was very little difference in speed between the various models (Bluto, Gulp, Odyssey, Reaper and “Dysentery” etc) and accurate and consistent flying was required. My Reaper likes the big wind conditions and I was more than pleased to finish 4th equal with Richard. Richard won the fly-off with me but it was pretty close!
All the races were exciting and lots of banter and leg-pulling made for a brilliant day.

Sunday was F3F day on East Lomond and I was completely taken aback to be runner up and get FTD.
Jedi away

Greg's Freestyler on the course as Mike's Precision waits to launch

I was really lucky to only get one round of rubbish air and my Precision seems to revel in medium to light wind conditions. Ewan seemed to get the opposite with only one round of decent air!
No Jacket!

Which way is north?
A brilliant weekend of racing.

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