Monday, 15 September 2014

A grand day out on Kilspindie. Sunday 14 Sept

The promise of dry weather and a light easterly made Kilspindie the destination today. Having seen the forecast I had emailed Dave and Peter on Friday suggesting a Sunday fly and Dave was already there and walking up the hill when I arrived.

Dave sorting the ballast in his Stinger
When I got to the top Dave was flying his Stinger in the light easterly which was pretty well straight on the slope. Dave’s Stinger looked very smooth and swift. I quickly put my own Stinger together and heaved it off shortly after Dave had landed. My Stinger coped pretty well with the light lift (no ballast) and was going well although it was quite a contrast to the last session on West Lomond which was in stonking air!

Peter joined us shortly afterwards and he seemed to bring improving conditions with him because the lift started to build. Peter is still dialling in his new Jedi and at one point tried flying with much less snap-flap than he had been using which appeared to transform the Jedi in the turns! Yippee!!

Peter's Jedi is too fast for my point and press camera!
After a few flights with my Stinger I switched to my Precision and was immediately impressed by how well it was going, apparently much swifter than the Stinger. However, a change back to the Stinger with some ballast added showed it was the lift that had improved a lot and the Stinger was looking fast too. I had increased the aileron throw since last week by 20% and was much happier with the roll rate. Big smiles!!

Stinger and Pike Precision

The final flights of the day were in really good air and were most enjoyable. Dave had brought along his Cyril and it got some stick time too as did Peter’s FS3.
It turned out to be a very enjoyable afternoon.

Flying done I headed back to my mother-in-law’s for Sunday dinner and steak pie. A grand day out!

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