Monday, 6 May 2013

Star Wars day on Kilspindie

May the Forth be with you!!
Star Wars day saw me heading for Kilspindie with my newly painted Ascot and my trusty Spark.
The Spark got heaved off first and it was going well in the big lift. The wind was bang on the south-west slope and blowing about 30-40mph and the tweaks I have made to settings on the Spark have improved the way it goes. I wish I had had this model when I first started flying F3F because it is such a great flying model and still no slouch. The wind freshened a bit at times and the 50mph wind was proving a little too much for it to make decent headway. It still flew really well but I would be happier to see it heavier. When Dave Watson built my Spark he did incorporate a ballast tube and I really must make up some lead slugs because it is a great standby model. The poor model tends to get chucked off any new hill first!

Ascot and Spark show a family resemblance!
My repaired Ascot has now been painted and looks more presentable and it flew well with the addition of ballast although I found the elevator a little too touchy and I have backed it off a bit. I got it really high at one point and dived vertically all the way down for a rapid low pass along the slope. Weeeeeeee!!! Yippee!!
I had to repaint one of the red sunburst panels on the Ascot and I found a company on Ebay who make up an aerosol of paint if you know the REL number. VV Models website has a list. The colour match is excellent and I am well please with the result. The actual paint finish could be better but I am sure the wing surface and the paint were a little too cold on the day to take the paint well. Halford’s “Appliance white” is a great match for the white surfaces.
I am ready for some F3F fun again although I would be happier if my Extreme was flyable but it is still very much a work in progress. Matching paint colours is the least of my worries at the moment!!  

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  1. Looks very nice, George hope so see you and it on a slope soon!