Monday, 20 May 2013

After work session at Kilspindie

With no flying last weekend because of the poor weather yet again, when I realised my other half was going out straight from work I chucked my Longshot and Weasel Evo in the back of the car for an after work session. The forecast was for light nw but it turned out easterly and although it was pouring rain at work at 4 o'clock it turned out that Kilspindie had missed the rain and I had a dry walk up the hill.

It was a bit gloomy on top and a couple of texts from my wife confirmed it was still wet to the east but it remained dry on the hill. I alternated between my two models and had a great time in the 10mph wind, bang on the east slope. I should have made the effort and taken an F3F model!

Weasel Evo

Which way is up?

Longshot whizzes over the farm.
I had fun flying and trying to take pictures! I took about 50 in total and got 4 usable!

The air was quite thermally (and occasionally quite sinky) and my Longshot got pretty high at times. I haven't flown my Longshot in lightish slope lift before and it is quite aerobatic. Sailing along with the sound of skylarks in the background was very pleasant. Summer at last. Hope it lasts! Two and a half hours flying is a great way to relax after work!!

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