Saturday, 19 January 2013

Kilspindie 16 January 2013

The forecast of wintery weather meant that Peter (wisely) cancelled today’s F3F competition. The predicted overnight white-stuff didn’t materialise so I headed up to Kilspindie for a fly. As I gained height on the access road the road conditions deteriorated steadily until I began to regret setting out up the hill! When I passed the livery/riding stables at the hairpin bend the people stared as I slipped and slithered up the road. Immediately after I passed this point I began to lose traction and it became a challenge to keep going. If I could have stopped and turned back I would have! The stretch after the Kilspindie farm and the top of the hill was worse and I really didn’t think I would make it but I did. Phew!! When I got to the top Peter was there (a 4x4 is an advantage in today’s conditions) and he was just setting out but I parked just beyond the top so I was pointing downhill. We trudged up the hill through a Winter wonderland. It looked a picture and not too cold.

The wind was blowing about 15mph and our models were going well. When the sun came out the wind dropped way and we scratched around for a while but the cloud covered the sun and the wind picked up and we were off again. Yippee! Approaching showers saw us heading back to the cars after and enjoyable couple of hours. There is something magical about flying in the winter if conditions are favourable.

Peter and his Freestyler

My Extreme left an interesting track in the snow on landing on the slope edge.

Nearly slithered over the edge with zero airspeed!! 10 feet further and..... 

Freestyler getting the heave-ho! 

Snowy up here today!!

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