Sunday, 6 January 2013

Horcum Winter League 3. 5 December

Only Peter and myself were up for the trip to North Yorkshire for the third round of the Winter League. It turned out a great day with fairly light wind, no rain and temperatures around 10 deg C. Exceptional for January!

I flew my Extreme and was really happy with the way it went. I spoiled one round by cutting and also blew another round by crap flying/lack of concentration! There were a good number of top fliers present so it was hard for an "also-ran" like me to get into the top ten.

Peter having a seat and some lunch. Peter flew his Stinger with great effect and finished in third place.

Simon launching Martin's Freestyler

18 competitors today

Paul Garnett launching for Mark Treble

Ronnie had to resort to his foamie after a cut recovery with his Strega went wrong!

Peter throwing Jon's Extreme off

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