Sunday, 13 November 2011

Kilspindie. Low cloud.

The wind direction looked changeable all day Saturday so I put off going out flying until today. An easterly was forecast with mist first thing but clearing mid morning. Well, the wind direction was correct with 15-20mph easterly straight on the slope but the visibility was hopeless and never got better than 20 metres horizontally and 10 metres vertically. That is the slope edge in the above photograph looking south along the edge.

Being an eternal optimist I took my Skorpion up to the east slope but it hid in the bag all day and could not be coaxed out. My Weasel Evo got some airtime though and I had fun keeping it in sight. I flew several flights but they were limited to scooting back and forward low along the slope edge and turning before I lost sight of it. There was enough visibility to squeeze in a roll before a turn was required. Trying two consecutive rolls was nearly my undoing when it got to the point where I could barely see it! Loops saw it disappear at the top before diving out of the low cloud again. Had an interesting flight when practicing low inverted and the fin fell off and blew back behind the slope and took a few minutes to find. The Weasel flies ok in level flight without a fin but a more than 30 deg bank sees it heading for the deck sideways. Managed to land it ok though:o)

Mad, quite mad!

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