Sunday, 20 November 2011

F3F Winter League 1 Sat 19 November

The first F3F Winter was flown in some great weather considering it was the 19th of November. Twelve degrees Centigrade and light southerly winds which increased a little around the middle of the day and saw everyone adding ballast. Times in the early rounds were pedestrian (70 seconds) but steadily decreased as the conditions improved. Peter flew well and won the competition and also had FTD with his P3. Peter is really to grips with his P3 and it looked fast all day. Well done to him :o)

Dave Watson managed to cut four times but still finished in second place.

Mike flew his Ascot to good effect and even hand caught his model when landing towards the end of the day. I took pictures of his model all the way down to land but didn’t realise his intention and missed the catch :o(

I had a rubbish day and never got my Skorpion going and flew consistently long :o(

Better get some sleep before the next competition!

Tea and cake at the Pillars on the way home rounded off a great day out.

I took some mediocre pictures which can be seen here.

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