Saturday, 5 February 2011

East Lomond Saturday 5 February

With today’s F3F race at Hole of Horcum cancelled I met-up with Peter and Mike for a fly on East Lomond. A good 25-30 MPH wind was blowing but crossed from the right a little. The lift was never brilliant but it was pretty good at times.

Mike flew his Volitij and practiced his rolling circles etc. He is getting geared up for the aerobatic competition later this year. Mike also got a chance to try his recently purchased Extreme and it was going well.

Peter had his Cyril flying very smoothly but his attempt at a hand-catch landing failed mainly because he had the wrong shorts on!

My Vikos was going well and I was pleased with the way it was going prior to the scheduled F3F competition next Saturday. I was so pleased with it that when I was putting the wings back in the bag before heading back to the car I stepped on the right hand tailplane. What an ar5e I am!! Fortunately I have a spare identical tailplane.

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