Monday, 1 February 2016

Winter blues Dodd Hill 31 Jan

A break in the incessant rain and storm force winds tempted me to go out flying for the first time in ages. After the snow on Saturday and looking over at the Fife and Sidlaw hills I could see they were quite white and past experience has seen me struggle to drive up the access roads so I charged up my Weasel Evo and Reaper and headed for Carrot/Dodd Hill. I still had trouble getting along the snow covered access roads. My house is around 50m and Carrot Hill is about 250 and the difference that 200m metres made to the amount of snow on the ground was dramatic. Nothing at home but around 2 inches of snow cover at Carrot Hill.
Winter wonderland
The lift was very light and I should have taken my DLG but my Weasel Evo went well. The lift on this hill is never great but at least I got a couple of hours flying in before the wind died to almost nothing. Nice to get out for a fly even if it was only a foamie. 
Weasel Evo scoots along the slope
Early on I thought there might be enough lift to fly my heavy Reaper. There wasn’t! Retrieving the model from the middle of a thick patch of gorse on the quarry face was a painful and unpleasant experience! I lost my footing at one point and ended up sitting on my bottom on the steep slope under the gorse (and held down by it) and unable to get up again. Tx in one hand and Reaper in the other!! 

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