Tuesday, 8 September 2015

BARCS F3F league reserve. Hawes 6 September

Easy access to a slope with great potential was a treat.

Long walk to the launch point!
Peter had a fairly fraught start to the day when he spotted an issue with his tx. All his models had a big dollop of down trim which shouldn’t have been there. The consensus seemed to be there was a problem with the potentiometer having moved position. Fortunately I have the same transmitter and Peter was able to take the sd card out of his tx and load his models onto my tranny. Peter was flying first and it was all a bit of a rush so he was not exactly relaxed as he launched for the start of the first round.

Watching Peter flying it looked at first as if he was flying really long but it was in fact the timing gear which didn’t actually beep when the button was pressed for about a third of a second! Three rounds were flown like this and it was a bit of a mess. The trick was to really anticipate the turn and hope for the best. Fortunately after round three some frantic fiddling with the timing gear sorted it out.

Peter gives Mike's Precision the heave-ho
We flew plenty of rounds and it may have been better to discard the first three. That would also have eliminated my zero score in round three when Martin’s massive launch of my Precision saw the tape holding the nose sheath on fail and said sheath headed off down the slope and I was left with no option but to land for nil point!

Ewan awaits his shottie

They are multiplying! 

Another great day in Yorkshire. 

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