Monday, 10 August 2015

Sunday morning on Pole Hill

Saturday looked like a great day but I couldn't escape (gardening :-( ) so first thing Sunday morning I was heading for Pole Hill. I considered going to East Lomond but it was really cloudy and overcast and EL is often clouded over in these conditions so I stayed north of the Tay. When I got to Pole Hill I could see that I had made the right decision :-) because there was a lot of low cloud over the Lomond Hills which stayed there all morning.

Cyril selfie showing East Lomond and Bishop. At that moment the cloud was just clear of the top of EL
I gave my Cyril an airing in the 20-25mph south westerly and had fun fiddling with aileron differential and snap-flap settings. The air was fairly consistent and I was able to get the roll more axial. I could see some small rain showers off to both sides but it never bothered me thank goodness. A few degrees warmer would have been good though.

Late morning the sun tried to put in an appearance and very soon some thermals blew through and my Cyril lifted up its skirts and was off. YIPPEE!!
Cyril at rest

780g of ballast seemed about right all morning. I flew a lot of F3F turns as well as "pumps" (not so good before the thermals appeared) and loops & rolls etc. The Cyril looked good diving along the compression on the edge before pulling up into a vertical roll followed by a stall turn to dive down and repeat it in the other direction. Yee ha!! 

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