Monday, 25 May 2015

F3F competition East Lomond

I was first to arrive at East Lomond car park and conditions looked decidedly iffy with the wind well round to the south with maybe even some east in it. However, once the rest of the chaps had arrived and we had had a bit of a blether, we optimistically headed up to try the south facing shoulder of the hill. Most of us had a sport fly and I chucked my Cyril off into some nice thermally air. Yippee! Having proved the hill was working we set-up the course.
After just two rounds the wind had swung sufficiently to convince us to head up to the “usual” slope and set-up the course there. By the time we relocated to the other slope poor Ewan, who is convalescing from the flu, was almost ready to have his late morning nap! Fortunately he soon rallied and went on to take runner up position at the end of the day. Some of us F3Fers are built of stern stuff!! Either that or we are just bonkers (or, more likely, a fine blend of both).
Dave's Cyril
Sam and his Needle
I stuck with flying my Cyril and interestingly Dave flew his and it also went really well. Peter was another who favoured his Baudis model and went on to win with it. Mike looked convincing all day with his FS4 and ended up a close third. It was good to see Sam managed to get along this time and soon had the measure of the course, steadily improving all day.

At the end of the competition Sam was able to maiden his new McOdyssey  and it flew really well from the get-go. Faaaast these Ronnie Lampe models and so easy to fly. Definitely a winner!

It was good to get another summer league competition result but next time I could stand it a few degrees warmer and it would also be good if I didn’t get all the rubbish air! The one round where I got some good air I managed to win the round so my Cyril is a keeper I just need better luck (and more practice, much more!).  

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