Monday, 20 October 2014

Hole of Horcum. The last BMFA summer league 2014

On Saturday evening after dinner I set out to drive to Horcum for the last of the BMFA F3F league events and I questioned how sensible this was? Not sensible at all of course but I had a great day out in challenging conditions.

On the way south there were a couple of sections of the A1 closed and diversions in place which slowed progress a little. The first section closed was near Eyemouth but shortly after I took the diversion Doris (satnav lady) directed me along a side road which got narrower and muddier but eventually got us back on the A1 south. After about 15 minutes back on track I began to think the road was really quiet (only me) but I then came to a barrier and lots of flashing amber lights. I was able to squeeze the car through a gap in the barrier and a quick glance back confirmed what I suspected. Road closed! Oops! Maybe I should have followed the diversion signs.

On Saturday night I stayed at the Blue Bell Lodge in Middlesbourgh which is just off the A174 and it was a reasonable place to stay. Friendly staff and for £45 for a twin room good value. Tesco shop and petrol station just across the road too. Less than an hour to drive to Horcum which is much better than leaving home at 03:30! 

On Sunday morning I met up with the others and after a bit of discussion in the car park we all headed for Levisham. The forecast showed it would be crossed from the left but would straighten up as the day progressed which it did. The wind was strong all day and early afternoon it was getting wild but times were coming down too. Carrying the models back from landing was a challenge particularly when you got near the pit area where the rotor was BAD! Landing there would not end well. By the end of the day my right hand was sore from clutching my Precision carrying it back from landing and from launching other models. Trying to hang on to a fully ballasted model on the edge of the slope for launch was a bit scary and hard work!  

Peter and his Jedi

The holidaying Peter flew his Jedi really well and ended up in second place and the FTD which at 31.xx must be close to his Personal Best. With a couple of sub-40s and some low 40s I was chuffed with 8th place.

I pinched this picture of yours truly from Paul Middleton's Facebook page. 

Despite the same traffic diversions on the way home (I ignored Doris this time) and after a five hour non-stop drive I was back home just after 10. 

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