Monday, 7 July 2014

East Lomond sport fly. Sat 4 July

The forecast for round 4 of the Scottish F3F summer league looked promising all week right up until late Friday afternoon when the forecast showed light north westerly first thing, swinging west as the morning progressed before swinging south west early afternoon. Peter had no choice but to call the competition off but suggested if anyone fancied a fly we should meet up  about 2 on East Lomond.
I arrived early and had a nice chat to a hopeful paraglider pilot and was able to fly my Ascot in the light crossed wind. The wind at this point was about 5mph from the west. When the wind swung, as predicted, round to the south west it freshened a bit and was too strong for the paraglider to fly and he headed off home.

Dave Watson arrived shortly afterwards and flew his repaired Needle and also flew his Cyril. The Cyril was going particularly well.
Dave's Needle off on test flight. It could be yours!
Sam arrived with his pal Sam. Sam had his two Needles and a Race M and Sam had a dlg which coped well in the now fresh wind.
Colour co-ordinated Sam
We were soon joined by Peter with his Freestyler and Vagabond. The Vagabond looks like fun!!
I flew my Precision and was able to load it up with its new tungsten ballast which means I can get 1.3kg all on the cg. Perfect. For big days I have another kg of brass which goes either side cg the cg. Yippee.
Sam had an unfortunate loss of control with his Race M and it looked pretty badly damaged and will take a fair bit of fettling before it can fly again.

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