Thursday, 26 June 2014

F3F Scottish League 3. June 21st

We climbed up Bishop Hill to find fairly light winds crossed a bit from the north. As the first two rounds progressed the wind became more and more variable and the last few fliers suffered from well crossed winds. Ian Stewart was unlucky to flick his Race M in the dodgy air on the upwind turn at the right base. The fuselage of the model took the brunt of the impact and I hope it isn't too long before Ian can repair it. 

Mike's Stinger
We then had a bizarre, although not unique in the F3F world, incident when as Ewan's  Cyril was being launched the launcher's hat blew off and wrapped itself around the leading edge of the wing. Ewan was unable to shake the hat off and the poor model crashed well down the slope. Application of superglue stuck most of the vital bits back in place.

Even the fullsize had to give up annoying us eventually 
After some cogitation we headed south along the ridge to the low north west and were able to get a few more rounds in and drop the first two rounds. The wind direction and strength kept changing and after several re-flights we gave up eventually. Not the most enjoyable event but good to be out on the hills with excellent company.

The eventual winner Mark Treble and his Toxic watched by Dave and Peter.

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