Sunday, 23 February 2014

Getting in a flap on East Lomond. Saturday 22 Feb

Forecast for Saturday was 25 mph wind from the south west and bright sunshine. Of course when I pitched up at East Lomond at 9.45 it was raining. After a cup of tea in the car it looked brighter outside and being an optimist I headed up the hill with my Extreme.

It was blowing about 35mph straight on the slope although the wind strength picked up to about 45 mph at times. Full ballast then! Yippee!

Extreme having a rest :-)
The air was quite thermally and the Extreme was going really well. There seemed to be a fairly regular cycle of normal air followed by some really bumpy stuff swinging off the slope which usually preceded some big thermal air and that was immediately followed by awful stuff!! Good fun though!

No action shots today. Model needed all my attention in the big wind.
I would have stayed longer but on landing when I should have flown through (again) I put the model down on some rough ground and a tussock of grass belted the left flap (which was up) and knocked the servo loose. An easy fix, but not on the hillside.

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