Sunday, 3 November 2013

New slope. East Haven and Weasel Evo

With no Northern F3F League event and a dodgy forecast I decided against heading for Kilspindie to fly in what would have been a well crossed south-south east with rain approaching by lunchtime and headed instead for a very low coastal slope at East Haven near where I live. 

Weasel Evo over the beach
East Haven
The slope is barely 2-3 m high and looks most unlikely however I arrived to find a 15-20 mph wind blowing straight onto the beach. Dozens of gulls were showing where the lift was so my trusty Weasel Evo was chucked into the air and it was off! A very narrow band of lift and surprisingly bumpy but good fun as the model scooted along back and forward. Too far out from the slope and the model headed for the waves and too far back from the edge and it was heading for the long grass. It will be worth trying an F3F model because it could be good and I would like to try pumping to gain some speed. My lightweight Weasel doesn't pump very well at all with no inertia to exploit.

The launch point is from the edge in front of where two people can be seen walking along the coastal path.

Oncoming rain drove me back to the car but a successful experiment. 

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