Sunday, 6 October 2013

F3F Reserve date East Lomond 5 Oct

We had the first competition on East Lomond for a long time and I had a great day out. With Peter away for the weekend we had to cope on our own and by putting our heads together we managed. Just!

Distant Firth of Forth, Bass Rock and Berwick Law in the early morning light. 

Thank goodness we didn't climb up Bishop Hill!

Dave Watson caught me crowing through with my Ascot.

Dave Watson caught Mike's Precision diving down on the slope.

Craig's Skorpion showing a few war wounds in another of Dave's pictures

My Ascot shows it's bottom in another of Dave's pictures

 A great day out despite the small turnout and I was pleased with the way my Ascot went. If I could fly consistently it would help!

We had an interesting first at lunchtime when a family group arrived to watch us fly. They had been up the top of the hill to scatter their husband/father/grandfather’s ashes into the wind. A lifetime model glider pilot put to rest in his favourite place. Some of the family had come from Hong Kong and were keen to have a fly of the Zagis they had brought along which they did as we had a lunch break. Touching.

 Lunchtime photo

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