Sunday, 18 November 2012

Winter League 1. 17 November East Lomond

The forecast for the first F3F competition of the winter league promised wsw winds and clear skies. Well, the wind direction was correct, although much stronger than predicted, but the two downpours were totally unexpected!! All 12 competitors managed to squeeze under two large umbrellas during the rain.

I had arrived sharp, thinking I would be first there, but discovered Mark Treble waiting in the East Lomond car park having driven up from Halifax. We were both keen to get going so we headed up the hill before the rest of the field appeared. Some low wispy cloud didn’t stop me giving my Extreme a test flight and Mark had the chance to try out East Lomond before the competition got going.

I am still trying to get the hang of this open style of flying and kept flying long. Really long, especially on the left hand turn. I blame the speed of the model being too fast for me!!

Ewan on the course as Dave gets ready to launch Robert's P3

My fishing brolly provided shelter but may not be up to the rigors of life on a windy hillside! Sportbrella added to my Christmas list. 

Robert launches David's Race M

Mark Treble's Needle on approach

Damp huddle. Cold and wet; my favourite!!

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