Monday, 11 June 2012

Purin Hill Saturday 9 June

Not enough time to walk to the much better north slope on the way to West Lomond so I had and hour and a half with my Race M on the backside of East Lomond. Not exactly my favourite slope!

It was blowing about 5-10mph but lots of sink and not a lot of lift. After several climbs and fast passes along the slope I was caught out by a 90 degree change in wind and no lift and ended up landing out just to one side of me. After a chat to one of the three paraglider pilots who turned up I launched again and found some nice thermals and soon had the Race M very high. One of the paragliders decided the lift looked good and launched for about 15 seconds of flight before landing down the slope. Tee, hee!! Never seen the parrot-chutes on that slope before.
Typically the forecast was for the wind to swing to the east but about 11 o'clock it swung north west which put paid to me doing any more flying. Despite the light lift I flew the Race M with full ballast and it never felt heavy! Landing speeds were brisk though! 

After stripping a gear on a Hitec 5085 last week I spotted someone selling HS 85 BB gear-sets (all plastic) for £2.99 on Ebay. The metal geared 5085 (and Multiplex Polo) has a small plastic gear at the start of the gear-train and it is this one that usually strips on the metal geared servos. Odd that a metal geared servo has a plastic gear as a weak point. You could argue that it protects the metal gears but then you still have to buy a full set of metal gears to obtain the weak plastic gear which is part of the set. The small gear in the set for the HS85 BB appeared identical so I bought a set and I was correct! A perfect fit at a quarter of the price. Two more sets on order as spares.

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