Monday, 21 May 2012

F3F Summer League 3. 19 May

It looked like the forecast was going to be wrong again when we arrived at Kilspindie because despite the dry sunny day predicted it was dull with light rain when we got to the east slope. The wind was blowing a good 20+ mph and pretty well straight on the slope. Being a hardy bunch us Scots we made a start despite the damp conditions and after the first couple of rounds it dried up although it remained dull and cold all day.

We could see sunshine over Dundee and Wormit but it never ventured inland to warm us up! My wife later told me it been lovely all day at home. The wind did drop away as the day progressed and we were left flying in minimum conditions but the slope still works well and we kept on going to complete 12 rounds with a few breaks to allow the wind to come back. The new wind meter Peter brought along was very helpful.

Conditions were fairly stable with not much thermal activity although there was some on occasion. In these conditions this slope works well and accurate flying can reap benefits. I cut in two rounds when in pretty good air blew the possibility of good times in those rounds. Dope!! I was particularly peeved the second time I did it and I cut on the last turn despite keeping thinking to myself “don’t spoil this good time and cut again”!

Peter flew his Needle to very good effect and demonstrated how well the model carries a lot of weight and can still whip round a tight turn without losing speed. Grippy!!

Mike had his Fosa going well and flew it in the increasingly popular EM turn style which worked well on this slope and it was convincingly fast. Makes a nice noise too:)

It was great to see Ali out with his Strega and it was going well from the start and looks very smooth (and fast) in the air.

Craig flew his Skorpion and he is getting to grips with the way it flies on the course and his times reflected the increasing confidence a few competitions gives.

Doug Maxwell was a new face who turned up to join in the fun and his model looked promising but a landing incident sidelined him for the day. I hope he enjoyed the day and will be back for more at the next competition.

Ian Simpson joined us with a new and unflown Crossfire and demonstrated that he can still fly an accurate course and had the Crossfire going very quickly. Commendable considering the first flight was made just before the competition started. Sounds like Ian will be able to join in the fun more often now too!

Ian Stewart flew his Skorpion too good effect after some issues actually getting the synthesised receiver to listen to the transmitter. Some poking about in the receiver with the point of a pair of scissors did the trick in the end!

Robert Carson flew his Predator 3 and it looked fast and is obviously a very competitive model which can also carry a lot of ballast.

I flew my Vikos and it went well and without the two cuts I would have done better but still had a good day.

My apologies for the iffy pictures but I had my camera set incorrectly and had to use some of the one I took on my phone.

It was nice to get 12 rounds in on a good slope in reasonable conditions. About halfway through the day the course was moved to the left about 20 metres and this made the turn on the right less critical for some.

A pretty good turnout considering several of the regulars were missing and it bodes well for larger fields for the rest of the summer season. We have the possibility of at least 15 competitors on a good day.

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