Sunday, 25 March 2012

Extremely busy

With a windless and low cloud day on Saturday and no prospect of flying it dawned on me that if I get my finger out I can have the Extreme ready for the Championship of Champions next week otherwise the Race M will be going as back-up.

So, filler and paint hastily applied. It won’t stand close examination but hard to see the repairs from a distance!
Repaired flap servo in.
Extension to rx antenna added and extensions run up the hinge lines of the tailplane.
New Intellect 1600mAh battery made up and re-balanced the model. Needed a few grams to replace the weight of the 4 cell Eneloop.

Just need to set-up the throws tomorrow or Tuesday evening and hope to test fly it one evening this week.

Busy, busy.
However. The weather looks flyable now so I'm off out.

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