Sunday, 6 March 2011

Saturday 5 March 2011 Hole of Horcum

The poor winter weather finally relented and I got to fly in an F3F competition! The first one for me in over 5 months.

An early start at 03:15 saw Peter, Mike and I heading for the North of England winter league event at the Hole of Horcum. Refreshments at the Purdy Lodge and again at Sleights and we arrived at HoH about 9 am where Dave joined us and we were ready to go!

The long lay-off didn’t affect Peter much and he flew well all day (and set FOTD) to finish in third place close behind Richard Bago in second. Mark Redsel was the one to watch and he flew smoothly all day to take first place. The full results will appear on the NYRSC website.

My flying was rubbish and I never got my Vikos moving but at least I got some practice and did manage to get my times down a little by the end of the competition. I even managed to fall on my arse as I walked back to land but kept my eye on my Vikos and landed ok. I had trouble landing all day and twice had to fly through and have an second attempt. Just rubbish!

14 rounds flown saw me pretty knackered as we headed for Whitby and an enormous fish supper in the Magpie chippie! An excellent day. Oh and we had to stop in Berwich for McFlurries for the three weary travellers and coffee to sustain the driver!

It was all too much for Mike and he had to rest his eyes on the way home!

Thanks to Peter for doing all the driving. With any luck we can do it all again in a fortnight!

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